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HOW TO Bless Israel And Reach God’s Chosen People With The
Today, less than 1% of Israelis know their Messiah and in some circles it's even
 forbidden to mention His name
You know Israel was a big deal in the Bible
And in your heart you know it’s still a big deal now...
Even though many churches don’t speak about the importance of Israel. Or it’s place in modern day Christianity...

And when you turn on the news it seems like more and more nations are coming against Israel.

You know Israel is still at the center of world events. And at the center of the heart of God.
You want to be a part of what God’s doing in Israel today...
And to be a part of blessing God’s chosen people.

You want to see more Jewish people come to know their Messiah.

You want them to see and understand how much Yeshua (Jesus' name in Hebrew), loves THEM.
 That’s Why We Started Shelanu TV, The ONLY Digital TV Channel
broadcasting the message of Yeshua, in Hebrew, to the people of Israel
but WE WERE SHUT DOWN BY THE GOVERNMENT Because we did the unthinkable...
Because we shared the forbidden message Yeshua with our people.

They told the Jewish disciples, Peter and John, the same thing... "BE QUIET". Because of our love for Israel, we responded like our ancestors... We continue to share the message of Yeshua.

With your help we will continue to broadcast Yeshua's message in Hebrew to our people... the Jewish people.
Even though they took us off cable, we reemerged within hours...
  • We were back on the air, on our digital station, reaching more people than we were on an obscure cable channel
  • We have a team of 10 Israelis, working hard to create new content daily, we are working on several new, original programs, all in Hebrew.
  • Shelanu brings Hebrew gospel programing from all the believers in Israel on one platform both to strengthen believers and bring Israelis to faith in Yeshua!
Israelis are curious seekers of information
They don't like to be told they can't do something—like watch our station...
And because of that,

Interest in Shelanu TV is growing.

We want to reach people on the bus, in their homes, during their commute.

We want to make Shelanu must watch tv for Israelis!
Our BIG vision for Shelanu...
The big vision is to be in place when God pours out his Spirit on Israel
The Bible prophesies an end-time awakening in Israel (Romans 11:25-26, Zech. 12:10, Hosea 3:4-5, Ezek 36:24-27)...

When this happens and people begin to search as God draws them, Shelanu will be there to tell them how to find Yeshua and how they can find more Messianic Jews. 1:32

The big vision is prophesied in the book of Romans... "All Israel will be saved." Romans 11:26
To continue this vision we need partners... 
Partners who have a heart for the Jewish people
To continue this vision we need partners...
Partners who have a heart for the Jewish people
Partners who want to communicate the life-saving message of Yeshua, Jesus, the long-awaited Jewish Messiah...

Will you join us?

Shelanu is a 24/7 lighthouse in Israel, sharing eternal life through Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, in Hebrew.
When You Partner With
  • ​You can be sure you've found a home—a Jewish ministry to bless. No more searching.
  • ​You won't have to look to find an effective evangelism tool for Israel.
  • ​You can be sure you're supporting a bona-fide, relevant ministry in the land. 
  • ​You will get connected to congregations in the Land.
  • ​You'll have peace of mind knowing that you are participating in the salvation of the Jewish people.
  • ​You'll be fulfilling Romans 11:11 Provoking the Jewish people to jealousy.
  • ​Your money won't be going to perishable things. 
  • ​You'll reap eternal dividends. 
  • ​Imagine reaching Rabbis with the message of the Messiah.
  • ​You'll be the first ones to know about what we're doing in Israel and you'll be invited to special VIP events.
When You Partner With Us You Are
Changing lives
Frequently Asked
Meaning of Shelanu?
Jesus is ours... Communicating to the Jewish people that he's one of their's
Who is Shelanu for?
We're wanting to reach Hebrew speaking Jews and Arabs with the gospel. 
Who are our Partners?
Evangelical Christians all over the world. Those who understand how Israel receiving the gospel is a key to world revival and the second coming.
A Message To You From The President of
Ron Cantor
"I've lived in Israel almost 20 years now. I’ve had a lot of different roles. I've worked in media. I've been a senior pastor. I helped launch a media school. We've raised money for various endeavors, from Holocaust survivors to supporting pastors. But nothing that I have been involved in is as important as Shelanu TV.
Shelanu TV is a 24/7 Hebrew language digital television channel 
Shelanu broadcasts the message of Jesus the Messiah to Israelis.

My greatest passion in ministry is to see more of my Jewish brothers and sisters embrace Yeshua. 

But we have the same challenge that Paul expressed in Romans 10. How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?
Paul mentions four challenges regarding reaching his Jewish brothers...
1. They don’t believe!

2. They have not heard! The version of “Jesus” they know is foreign to the one that we see in the New Testament. 

3. Who will share with them in their own tongue? From their same Jewish, Israeli background?

4. We can't do this unless people send us. It is no small expense to run a television channel! 
Understand that when most Israelis think of Jesus or Christianity, they have images of Catholic masses and statues in Rome...
They do not think of the Galilean who came to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover and the Feat of Tabernacles. In many ways, Jesus has become a victim of identity theft.
But now, they can hear the true message of eternal life in the tongue of the Hebrew prophets from the mouths of contemporary Israelis—people who look like them and speak their language. And it's working! 
One recently asked for three, and we believe that he is searching. Along with others in his Yeshiva (where Jewish men study).

I have never been so excited and passionate about an opportunity to reach Jewish people in my nearly 40 years of being a Messianic Jew—a believer in Jesus. Our team is working around the clock creating original Hebrew programming of testimonies, music and teaching. 
And there’s more! God is using Shelanu TV as a platform...
We have become a platform for believers around the country to share their powerful, high-quality content. 

There are several amazing evangelistic organizations that are producing high-quality, anointed content. We are taking their programming and broadcasting it to Israelis.  
We cannot miss this moment! Jewish acceptance of Jesus according to Paul will lead to world revival (Romans 11:12, 15).   
"There has never been a time in history where the gospel is being preached in Hebrew to Israelis like it is now." 
I urge you to invest in this important slice of the Great Commission! Israel is not more important than other nations, but according to Paul, reaching her is the key to reaching the others.  
Until all Israel is Saved (Romans 11:26),
-Ron Cantor
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